October 20, 2021



We Call On The Board of County Commissioners To Condemn White supremacists in New Jersey

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 New Jersey contributed to a record number of propaganda reports in 2020, according to a new report released Wednesday by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Extremism.

white supremacist propaganda — defined as posters, flyers, and graffiti that are anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-LGBTQ

The New Jersey European Heritage Association is a small white supremacist group founded in New Jersey in 2018, according to the report. They see themselves as defenders of the white European people and white culture, as they believe the white race is doomed to extinction by a “rising tide of color.”

The group believes Jewish people are behind this “rise,” so the group expresses itself through anti-Semitism, as well as racism and intolerance, the report said.

They mainly spread their message online, and through fliers distributed in Central Jersey, including in Princeton, Freehold, Hillsborough, North Bergen, and as far north as the Sourland Mountain Preserve neo-Nazi groups including 14 First, Folks Front, National Alliance, and the now-defunct Moonkrieg division, in addition to white supremacist groups including the Hundred Handers and now-defunct American Identity Movement.

  • AC Skins, racist skinhead, Atlantic City
  • Israel United in Christ, general hate, Newark
  • Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, general hate, Newark
  • Israelites Saints of Christ, general hate, statewide
  • Micetrap Distribution, hate music, Maple Shade Township
  • Nation of Islam, general hate, chapters in Camden, Trenton, Willingboro, Newark and Plainfield
  • New Jersey European Heritage Association, white nationalist, statewide
  • Patriot Front, white nationalist, statewide
  • Patriotic Dissent Books, neo-Nazi, statewide
  • Proud Boys, general hate, statewide
  • Vanguard Productions, hate music, statewide
  • Vinlanders social club, racist skinhead, statewide At least nine people from New Jersey have been arrested in connection with the Capitol Hill riots. Read more: 9 From NJ At Capitol Riots Arrested So Far:
  • Today’s New Jersey Republican Party, however, under the leadership of Republican State Committee Chair Mike Lavery, is now marching in lockstep with the national Republican Party in a determined effort to suppress the African-American vote. We call on the Morris County Board of County Commissioners to Condemn White supremacists and the National Republican Party in there determined effort to suppress the African-American vote.