October 20, 2021



Calling him a great governor, CWA endorses Murphy for a second term

Communications Workers of America New Jersey director Hetty Rosenstein.

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The Communications Workers of America (CWA), which has been one of Gov. Phil Murphy’s staunchest allies during his first three years as governor, has endorsed him for re-election to a second term.

“I’ve negotiated with CEOs and Governors for more than forty years,” said Dennis Trainor, CWA’s Vice President of District 1 – representing over 70,000 CWA members employed in New Jersey.  “As a CEO and as a boss, Phil Murphy is good, fair and works with us. And as a governor, Phil Murphy is great.  He’s kept his word. And he’s accomplished more for working people in New Jersey in three years than anyone else in the country.”

Murphy has also won the endorsement of the New Jersey Education Association, giving him the backing of the state’s two largest public employee unions.

The union has also endorsed Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, who will seek another term on a ticket with Murphy.

“CWA enthusiastically endorses Governor Murphy, and we’re going to work like heck to make sure he’s re-elected,” Trainor said.

The union endorsed Murphy in 2017  with the promise that he would protect union jobs, negotiate contracts that fairly addressed cost of healthcare, and make the required payment to fund the state pension system – something the CWA days hasn’t been done by any governor in 25 years.

“During the most challenging times in recent history, Governor Murphy has continued to protect the public health, workers’ rights and job security, while still standing up for economic policies that build the middle class,” said CWA NJ State Director Hetty Rosenstein. “It’s been a breath of fresh air – especially following eight years of Chris Christie’s 11 credit downgrades, anti-worker tirades, cozying up to Trump and skipping pension payments.”