Trump tests positive for coronavirus

Trump, tests positive for coronavirus

President Donald Trump on Thursday evening revealed that he has been tested again for COVID-19 after White House aide Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus.

Despite photos showing Hicks maskless while traveling with Trump, the president said she often wears.

“So whether we quarantine or whether we have it, I don’t know,” Trump said.

“I just went for a test and we’ll see what happens — who knows,” Trump said.

“I just went out for a test — they just do it, it will come back later I guess — and the first lady also because we spend a lot of time with Hope, and others, so we’ll see what happens,” Trump said.

The test the President and his family members has taken gives results within 15 minutes as of late last night the White House has not said what the results are aids to the President are saying he has corona.

Trump and the first lady quarantine in the White House.